Free items that need a new home

This page just has a list of some items that we no longer need at Bollington Borrowers. All of them need a new home and you are welcome to them. If you could give a small donation to Bollington Borrowers it would be appreicated.

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Items that need a new home

If you would like any of these items below please just drop us an email at and we’ll set it aside for you.

Ceramic Fondu Set

All parts and in working order. Needs methylated spirits to run the burner.

Fold Away Bed

Very handy for guests tucks away in a corner when you don’t need it.

Borrow Items Bollington

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see what you have to loan?

You don’t need to be a member to view the items in our inventory Go to Bollington Borrowers – Library of Things (

(Tip: you can sort by category if you click “Filter by”).

How do I reserve an item?

  • Step 1.Sign up for a new account at Bollington Borrowers – Library of Things (
  • Step 2. We then need to authorise your membership. This may not be immediate as we are all volunteers, but we will get to it asap!
  • Step 3. You are then free to reserve items. We are open on Saturday mornings 9-10am for collection of reserved items so reservations generally run from Sat – Sat.

How much does it cost to borrow something?

We operate as a members Co-operative (all money goes back into the upkeep of the scheme, ie. there are no profits!). It is £5 for an annual membership or £30 for a lifetime supporters membership (but please contact us if this is restrictive for you).

Bollington Borrowers has a ‘Pay As You Feel’ system for loaning items. We ask that you kindly donate what you can afford for each hire (from nothing upwards).  There is no judgement – as with the membership, all donations will go back into the running of Bollington Borrowers.

How long can I keep an item for?

The standard hire period is for one week. The cabin is open every Saturday 9-10am. Contact us if this will cause a problem, we can be flexible!

When can I collect an item?

Saturday 9-10am at our cabin on 80 Wellington Road (next door to the Life Church on Hawthorn Road).

How do I pay or make a donation?

We can accept cash at the cabin on collection (we have a collection box here) or we will send bank details when you sign up as a member to enable a bank transfer.


Sort Code: 60-83-01

Account Number : 20446482

Or use our paypal account by clicking the button below

Do you accept donations of items?

Almost all items in our inventory are donations! We are trying to avoid having duplications and some items may not be suitable for loaning -please contact us to confirm if your item is required. We can be contacted at


What happens if I break or lose an item?

We understand that wear and tear will occur with items on loan. We just ask that you take good care of the borrowed item and return it to us as you found it so it can be used again and again.  Our ethos is to cut down on waste and consumerism, not to penalise people!


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Opening Hours

We are open 9-10am every Saturday to drop off and collect items.


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